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Rise & Grind Basketball Camp Highlights



Coach Edward Cooke


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About Coach Cooke

Coming up, I was a very active young man and participated in all sports but basketball was something that really caught my attention. I played at every level of basketball starting with travel ball, middle school and high school. I was a pretty decent player but my knowledge of the game help me to succeed. I seen the game before others and understood the spots on the court that I could get to and make things happen. So I understood at that point that I could make a living coaching if playing ball didn't work out for me.  After high school I attended Oxnard College in Oxnard CA. Attending that school was one of the best decisions that I made in life because it helped me to grow and learn different responsibilities on and off the court.  The two years I spent there, I averaged 11 points and 5 assist a game. When I left Oxnard, I lost my passion for playing and decided not to play college ball anymore.  I then enrolled at North Carolina A&T State University to finish school. It was there that I knew I had to do something different with my life but I still had the basketball "bouncing in my chest".  That's where I found the love for helping kids and wanting to coach. I knew I had something different to offer the kids and that was passion and hope, which I didn't have as a young man. 


I started training because I felt I had the tools and knowledge that a child needs to survive in sports and in life. I noticed that like adults, children need to learn the fundamentals of the game while learning the aspects of game situations.  I always knew I could and would provide that to anyone's child. My primary focus with any child that enters a training session with me is to challenge their mental understanding of the sport and then provide them with the skills execute their knowlege on the court. I know that if I can build confidence in a child, learning the game would be easy! I developed a method clear on what I've learned from my childhood; that is, never defeat yourself and you can always defeat the next person at anything you want to accomplish. You have to always give yourself a chance to win!  At the end of the day, I just want to provide children with the hope  they need to succeed the understanding that the only way to get things done is with commitment and hard work.

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